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Master List of Completed FictionCollapse )

Welcome to my humble journal. Make yourself comfortable. Grab a cookie and a whiskey ginger. I've got a few stories to share. 


It's Been Over A Year. What's New?

What's new is now I live in California instead of Philadelphia, I am now 27 instead of every other number, and I sometimes write Torchwood fic.

What's new with you all, all 3 people who might possibly still notice if I post?

Being that I'm in grad school, I can't say that I'll be around more often. If you've commented on anything I've done in the past 12 months, I'm sorry if I haven't replied. I miss fandom and LJ, but my life is like a wild horse whose ass is on fire. It just gallops.

On the other hand, SPN Big Bangs are out there, and I really haven't read a lot of Torchwood...

Anyway, I wanted to post this story, because, ya know, I wrote it, and it's proof I haven't died. Unless this is an imposter. Muhahaha--no, really, it's me.

Okay. Let's see if I remember how to do this.

Title: Waking God
Fandom: TW
Pairing: Implied Ianto/Jack
Rating: PG, mostly
Word Count: 7,700ish.
Summary: Why are Ianto's dreams coming true? What's in the box with the symbol on it? Oh, and while we're at it, what's the meaning of the life?

In flats along his path, missing keys put themselves in the most obvious place. Fried appliances became functional. Empty wallets gained a tenner. Barren pantries stocked themselves, if only with just the essentials. Heavy hearts lost a few grams. Every flower burst into bloom and turned towards the sidewalk as he past. The birds sang Silencio. Ianto looked up at the very blue sky. He thought it was all pretty good.Collapse )


Fandom Polygamy

Ho-kay, so, I was recently introduced the Being Human (US), and it pretty much took all of my strength to come to work today rather than call out with love sickness so I could stay at home and make googly eyes at my laptop screen all day while watching various monsters angst about their monsterness, with the occasional chuckle, violence, or naughtiness thrown in to keep things spicy.

oh man. that sounds much better than work. I have clearly made the wrong decision.

At any rate, the question: anyone reading/writing this? Cause Josh/Aidan is pretty much HOWLING to be written. Ha! Get it? Cause...werewolf? (There Wolf!) OH HO! There I go again! I'm so punny. AHA.

Wow. I should really get out more often.

Disclaimer--ok, so if I read this summary, I'd be like, *intensive eye-rolling* Okay, moving along Little Miss Mary Sue, but, hey, roxymissrose likes it, so it CAN'T POSSIBLY be bad, right?...RIGHT?  Guys....?

Title: Sara Winchester's Knowledge of Good and Evil
Fandom: SPN
Rating: PG-13 (for language, some violence, implied badness of a brotherly nature)
Word Count: 9,000ish.
Summary: Sara Winchester has two brothers, Sam and Dean. Their lives are not normal. Her brothers are even more not normal.

At first, Sara Winchester wanted to know—no, she had a deep, aching need to understand—what was wrong with her brother. Collapse )

This Entry Has Morning Breath

Ladies and gents of my flist, it's been weeks---WEEKS--since I've been on teh eljay. My last comment on someone's journal was TEN WEEKS AGO. I feel like I'm waking up and realizing with horror how long I slept. My god. In this analogy, I have been asleep from Livejournal so long that I'm like the Rip Van Winkle of fandom. I have a beard.

While I slept, I dreamed of applying to grad school, getting accepted, realizing I'm going to go into even more debt, making semi-peace with it, and deciding to move back home momentarily in hopes that six months will be enough time for roxymissrose to get sick of me and drop-kick me to the West Coast (I'll save on travel costs that way. I'll also require her to round-house kick my cat and uppercut my clothes). It was a wacky dream, nightmarish at moments. But ah, to be awaken by Jensen Ackles in a Stetson and Matt Smith...in a Stetson. Hm.

I miss the boys! I miss making the boys do thangs! I miss the metas and Wincest and Dastiel and crack! I just spent part of my evening re-reading my Big Bang from last year--poor mutilated mess that it still is--and I miss the writing.

So, friends--now that I'm awake and almost ready to get out of my metaphorical bed, any fic recs to get me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? And, really, I'll take recs from more than just SPN--BSG, Firefly, Drake and Josh (I know it's not just me that reads that....right? Hellllloooo? Echoooo!), Dr. Who, and I know SOMEONE out there is writing Troy and Abed....I need me a big steamy mug of non-decaf slash.

Ahh. It's good to be awake.
Beat that!

Seriously, though, why didn't anyone tell me about Californication? I just started watching it, and while my wall of Duchovny may have been dismantled in like 2001, there's still a picture or tv guide clipping on the wall of my heart. I can't help staring at this guy while he's banging millions of chicks and wondering how my 13-year-old self would have reacted. She probably would have exploded, and I would be a scorch mark in Jersey, serving as a warning to children about the dangers of Showtime.

He still looks pretty good. Seems our friend David will always have a place in my bed  heart S&M dungeon.

Whatever, don't judge me (notice how I end, like, every LJ entry that way?).

Irrational, Improbable Dreams

Ordered from most to least absolutely friggin ridiculous.

1. Become a blacksmith. In the 19th Century. For this I require a time machine, which will help me achieve other improbable dreams.
2. Join a motorcycle gang. Need bad ass moniker like "Beelzebub's BFF" or something. Also, so much leather vest.
3. Work for Jim Henson's Muppet Studio. Create a foil character to Miss Piggy, dubbed "Mouse Bitch." The fight for Kermit's love by playing chicken out on Old Mill Rd. Um. Of course, that character is still in development...
4. Move to California by driving a UHaul filled with my stuff and like 3 friends. Take turns sleeping and driving and being chased in the wilderness by a bear for the added hilarity.
5. Become a mechanic. Considering I just SPELLED IT WRONG, I should move that higher up on the list.
6. Write and/or direct a movie. Once I have written and/or directed a movie, write and/or direct another one. Also, I want to be one of that funky-fresh artist that affronts Joan Rivers, who surely at this point is bionic, by shattering gender conventions and wearing a TUXEDO to the ACADEMY AWARDS. Possibly a top hat as well. Certainly a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.
7. Write for a television show. I have this GREAT idea for a Supernatural episode that involves the return of Cupid, a misfired arrow, a by-the-hour hotel room, and...well...that's pretty much it.

There's more, but my laptop is wheezing at me. It's sad when my machines are ready for bed before I am. Perhaps I'll consider more as the New Year hurtles itself at me like a tin pie plate filled with whipped cream, flung by destiny.